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What Makes Us Different

Our Mission

The JYD Project is a youth development organization for kids ages 5 - 18 that empowers young people to realize their full potential and partners with other charities that support and serve youth.  The JYD Project assists students in becoming positive and productive adults through fun and engaging educational-based programs.

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"Having a Great Time At the 2016 Basketball Fitness Camp".

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What Makes Us Different

Children's Programs & Community Service Opportunities based in Henderson, Nevada
As a national nonprofit organization promoting education and helping kids stay in school, the JYD P.R.O.J.E.C.T in Henderson, Nevada, offers children's programs and community service opportunities focused on childhood literacy and student motivation.

Established in 2009 by NBA player Jerome “JYD” Williams, The JYD Project was formed to provide youth with an exciting and effective alternative youth development program. Incorporating “a touch of urban flavor” Junk Yard Dog is able to attract and engage youth on their level using culturally relevant learning methodologies and age-specific activities. These practices allow youth to learn new skills and knowledge at a pace, style and format easily adaptable to their everyday life, increasing self-efficacy and measurable outcomes.

Teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and the high school dropout epidemic disproportionately affects disenfranchised youth from impoverished socioeconomic communities at an alarming rate.
Returning the Favor

The JYD Project focuses on empowering youth in overcoming these statistics by teaching them life skills, alternate coping methods, and realistic goal setting for addressing these issues. Included is the signature tenet “Create Your Plan, Work Your Plan,” a step-by-step roadmap for success, as the core element of every program offered by the JYD Project.

The purpose of the Junk Yard Dog persona is to create a fun, dependable, and relatable authoritative figure youth will readily trust. Research shows that youth are more likely to emulate a persona who looks, acts, and relates to their personal experiences. Junk Yard Dog came from an environment where things are outdated, discarded, and undervalued; but he rises above this stigma to become a player of the game of life. This character shows up in basketball swag gear, but by the end of the program transforms into the professional, donning business attire. Module by module, the youth mentally undergo this metamorphosis with him. They evolve from underrepresented youth of the inner city into successful, confident citizens of the world.

P. prepare teenagers for real life
R. re-engage struggling students
O. offer college scholarships
J.  join & assist various non profit boards
E. empower parents to advocacte
C. create charitable collaborations
T. talk to youth & educators about passion


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Thanks to our Board of Directors, many supporters  and staff,  the JYD Project, Inc. had a very productive  2016.  Throughout the year, we continue to increase our important work in the schools and community  service outreach. On behalf of our staff and Board of Directors,  we are pleased to provide this 2013 Year-At­ A-Glance which gives a brief highlight  of some of last years' accomplishments.

During the last year, we were able to obtain our 4th year 501(c) (3) compliance and Nevada State Tax Exemption. We also partnered  with several new non-profit  organizations who offer supportive children serves, provided  a new Pilot Program, and increased  our number of free Fitness camps. The JYD Project, Inc. strives to serve as many individuals  in need as possible with the resources  that are available.   We believe every individual  is important  to the organization,  and it will not discriminate  against anyone for any reason. By offering services  that are concentrated on specifically  addressing the society.

It is my pleasure  to recognize and support the JYD Project and its efforts to support the youth in the Las Vegas community. Established  in 2009 by retired NBA superstar Jerome Williams, The JYD Project has awarded several scholarships over the years, established  a youth summer basketball  camp that mentors,  educates,  promotes fitness and builds confidence  for both young men and women to be successful  in life.
For those of us that are fortunate enough to achieve a moderate level of success,  it is a necessity that we do our very best to stimulate  positive growth of at least one child in our community. The JYD Project is doing just that, helping hundreds  of young men and women to be productive in needs of those without access to life enhancing  programs,  we feel that we can help those  that we work with to overcome  the issues they face and hopefully  prevent anyone from suffering longer than necessary.

In the past year our strategic planning  committee  began meeting to explore ways to expand the organization  here in Nevada.   We completed  our fourth year of programming, hired new staff, grant writers,  consultants,  secured corporate  sponsors  and appointed  several new members  to our board of directors.   The JYD Project is determined and committed  to play an active role in building  a stronger future for the youth across the nation.

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